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Salam, hello, and welcome!

My name is Zahraa!

Happy to see you here, I hope you enjoy your visit! This is what my brain looks like on the inside: lilac, fun, and with lots of words. 

I studied and work in international affairs, but nothing gets both parts of my brain working like photography does. I've been a professional photographer for 6 years and I've worked with families, couples, weddings, engagements, graduating seniors, and even pets. Yes. Cats make great models. 

Some Visions and Inspirations

Thanks to my photographic memory, I have an open gallery in my mind full of good and bad memories. My wish is to remember the bad memories as good, and to remember the good ones as even better. But unfortunately, that's not a thing that my humble human brain can do on its own. 

BUT... With a camera, I'm wonderwoman and can do exactly that for you.


It is my mission to romanticize, cinematize, and exaggerate all of the photographs that I capture for you. My passion in this line of work is to capture the moments in their best form to ensure that my client will forever remember that moment happily, and to look back and see a beautiful story unfold in a simple photo gallery. 


Quick look at
What Has Kept
me busy lately... 

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